Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Alpha IRB meet?
  • Alpha IRB has board meetings every Monday and Wednesday
  • Protocol submissions are due 4 business days prior to review
  • Site submissions are due 4 business days prior to review
  • Expedited items are reviewed daily
When are approval documents sent to the sites?
  • Approval documents are available the day following approval through our OASIS IRB Manager Web Portal
  • Documents may be emailed, if desired.
Does Alpha IRB have a web portal available for Phase I-IV studies?
  • YES – Alpha IRB has implemented OASIS – the IRB Manager Web Portal system
What does OASIS mean to my study?
  • Ability to track the progress of a study or site submission through Alpha IRB review process
  • Sponsor and Site information captured so repeat information will NOT have to be typed new for every study
  • All submission and IRB documents available online
  • No more paying for shipping fees and document request fees
  • Efficiency
  • Approval documents for amendments can be completed expeditiously no matter how many sites are in the study
  • Sites may make all document submissions electronically
Does Alpha IRB utilize our own standard ICF template language for each study Consent Form?
  • You may submit your template ICF as prepared within your company
What is Alpha IRB practice regarding prices and price quotes?
  • Alpha IRB is happy to sign Service Agreements with Sponsors to allow for consistent pricing across all studies
  • Alpha IRB will maintain the agreed prices throughout the life of the study
Will I have one contact for my study?
  • YES – our OASIS web portal allows our study management specialist to have a direct relationship with your study team from start-up to close out.
Is Alpha IRB registered with the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)?
  • Yes, Alpha IRB’s OHRP Registration Number is IRB00006205.
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