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Every Monday and Wednesday (board meetings scheduled on national holidays will be cancelled and all materials will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting.)

Information to be reviewed must be submitted to our offices by 3:00 PT four business days prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Protocol submission and site submission results will be communicated within 24 hours of the Board meeting where they have been considered. Site approval documents will be available online or shipped 24 hours after approval notification based on your shipping specifications.

If for some reason you are unable to meet the deadline and need your study reviewed at the next scheduled Board meeting, please contact our offices. Exceptions will be considered.

Alpha IRB can make arrangements to convene on non-scheduled meeting days with 48 hours notice.

Board Meeting & Expedited Review Cut-Off Times
Full BoardMONDAYPrevious TUE (by 3:00PM)
Full BoardWEDNESDAYPrevious THUR (by 3:00PM)
ExpeditedDAILYPrevious DAY (by 3:00PM)

Alpha IRB is now fully AAHRPP accredited
  • Study Submission needs to be received by 3:00 p.m. PT (Pacific Time) Four business days preceding the next scheduled meeting date.

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